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Yum–always a seasonal favorite. This time of year there are many apple varieties to choose from. This version replaces half the mayo with yogurt, which adds a bit of tang and has fewer calories. Yes!


2-3 apples, cubed

1/2 cup walnuts. halved

1/2 cup mayonnaise

zest and juice from 1/2 lemon

1 tsp honey or granulated sugar

2-3 celery ribs, sliced

1/4 cup golden raisins or dried cranberries

1/4 cup seedless grapes (red grapes look great!)

Coming the apples, celery, nuts and raisins in a bowl. Next combine the yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, lemon zest, honey, and pepper in another bowl. Just before serving pour the dressing over the apple mixture and toss thoroughly. Place in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Pour an autumn brew or some iced tea and enjoy!


“On the road again

Just want to get on the road again.

The life I love is making music with my friends,

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.” Willie Nelson

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 Enjoy one of Sierra RV’s customer’s account of her RV adventure. Thank you for sharing,  Jane and Connie!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The last leg before U.S. border–Last post!


We stopped at the top of Rogers Pass before going down into Golden, B.C. and just had to include a photo of Mount Revelstoke, a beautiful, beautiful mountain outside of its namesake town.




This trailer shot is no “Flat Stanley”. We were really there.

I had seen photos of the country and mountains around Golden and could hardly wait to see them. However, it was so smoky from fires all over the country, we could hardly see them. Disappointedly, I took some photos but I’m sure they are so much more than what the camera could capture.


Leaving Golden the next morning, we traveled in an absolutely gorgeous valley between the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia River from Golden to Fort Steele, B.C.





We spent our last night north of the U.S. border at Fort Steele, B.C. in a beautiful campground. We opened our special bottle of homemade wine given to me by a good friend/winemaker and toasted our wonderful adventure. The geranium, “Gertie” made the trip all the way with us. I scattered Mom’s ashes in Cook Inlet, Alaska. She said anywhere beautiful, she loved the ocean and loved mountains. It was all there in one beautiful package.

I hope everyone enjoyed coming along with us on this great adventure. Cross one off the “Bucket List”. From here, we travel into Montana, Idaho, back into Nevada and then Connie home to California.

p.s. We shouldn’t have any problems getting home. We had two flat tires on the 5th-wheel 20 minutes apart leaving Missoula and then discovered a problem with axle supports and had to camp in the Stevensville, Mont. Les Schwab parking lot, have a welder come the next morning to fix that and then, because we were totally out of spare tires, had to buy 4 new trailer tires. Glad we are heading home.


If you are in search of some wonderful places to go, please click on the following link sent to me by Camping News.

Remember, it’s you and me and a Sierra RV.

Fall is the perfect time to travel in an RV. The crowds have gone back to work and school. The temperature is mild, and the colors abound. If you’re looking to enjoy some fall foliage in Northern California, why not drive the Feather River Scenic Byway. This byway covers 130 miles of spectacular California terrain, from the Sacramento Valley to the Great Basin. Along this route you will get to enjoy the amazing colors of the fall foliage, as well as many wonderful destinations within California. So what are you waiting for? This weekend pack up the RV, the kids and dog, and of course your spouse or significant other. And don’t forget a sweater!

If you haven’t read my new book, Seasons of the Vineyard, set on, of course, a vineyard, why not pick up a copy for yourself in the Parts Department, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy. Here’s a review that will hopefully spark your interest.


Genre:    Romance Adventure


Title:      Seasons of the Vineyard

Author:  Catherine MacDonald


The truth will set you free!


“Seasons of the Vineyard” is about how Francesca Bernard has to learn the long and hard way about the truth setting her free. She is haunted by her past mistakes but she is unwilling to confront them.  She is unwilling to right the wrongs she has committed. She does not want to admit the truth about herself and you have to read this book to find out why.


Francesca’s life is in a mess. She has run away from her past life in her parent’s vineyard, but her past is now catching up on her. Her organic restaurant business has become a pain. Her teenage son is into drugs. She blames her ex-husband for his absence from her son’s life. After her divorce, all her ex boyfriends have failed to satisfy her. Her best friend has just died and it hurts her to hear about it on the news. Worst, she has just received a call that her father is losing his mind and the family vineyard business is failing badly. Her mother has died in her absence from home. Reluctantly she has to admit she has to go home. The call to return home is made by none other than her ex lover whom she has been trying to run away from, in the first place.


Francesca thought she has run away from the rumor circulating in the vineyards that her son is not her husband’s. She knew the rumor is true. Why then, did she choose to marry her husband and not marry her son’s biological dad, Enrico. She knows Enrico loves her but she refuses and continues to refuse to allow herself to return his love. You have to read the book to find out why.


The author, Catherine, cleverly shows, through Francesca, that you cannot run away from yourself. She shows that when Francesca finally faces the truth about herself, the truth does indeed set her free.


This is a satisfying book. You can’t help but get involved in Francesca’s life, feel her pains, cheer her on and feel relief when she finally comes to term with herself. I especially like the ending, it is so tender. However, you have to read the book from the beginning to enjoy the ending where every layer of bitterness, complexity and denial has been removed under the author’s skillful writing. I highly recommend this book. It will satisfy.


By Yuke Man, Reviewer, Allbooks Review International.



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 Last weekend we headed down to Southern California, and I was delighted to see the many RVs on the road. Opening fishing day was Saturday, and the anglers were clogging the roads, their RVs packed, and coolers full of iced refreshments, to their favorite haunts. Is this the year you finally get out of that tent and into the RV of your dreams? RVing allows you to enjoy Nature, comfortably. The stars shine brighter, the food tastes better, and sleep is deeper in the great outdoors. RVing reduces life to its basic elements. It’s you and your fishing pole, you and your hiking boots.  So, if you’re in the market for an RV, I invite you to visit Sierra RV and let our experienced sales staff assist you in your quest to finally get off that ground! Remember, it’s you and me and a Sierra RV.