Okay, I’m sure you’re asking, “What is Glamping in an RV?” Glamping is a growing trend that combines camping and women. While many women love camping, they may not like sleeping in a tent and on the ground. You mentally prepare yourself for “roughing it”. You like starry nights, campfires, natural scenery, and spending time with friends. You love the outdoors, but the idea of sharing your sleeping space with bugs isn’t your cup of tea. In fact, your cup of tea might be a glass of chilled wine! Camping in an RV gives women the ability to camp in the wide outdoors, with all the amenities of home. Think about it, ladies. Your own bed, with your own sheets and blankets. The ability to shower in the morning with your favorite shower gel. No cold water from the streams for you! Many women enjoy RVing and take off on their own. At Sierra RV, we have a wide selection of RVs that even I can drive! And of course, there are many towables that will fit behind a half ton truck. Spring is right around the corner. If your idea of camping is actually glamping, then come down to Sierra RV. And remember, it’s you and me and a Sierra RV.

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