Oh, the places you can go in an RV! There are many modes of transportation, and RVing happens to be one of my favorites because I’m not stuck on someone else’s schedule. I don’t have to wait in lines and go through security checkpoints and I don’t have to eat all my meals out. Living out west, there are many state parks and recreation areas within a short drive. During the summers, I like to put the fishing gear and weekend food in the motor home and take off into the Sierras. There are over 70 lakes and streams within an hour and a half from Reno. The motor home is self-contained, so for the weekend I don’t need hookups. Many times we pull up along side a stream and make camp. This time of year Death Valley is one of my favorite places to go. Perhaps this is the year you want to try something different. Maybe you’re tired of crowds, airlines, and over priced food and hotel rooms. Visit Sierra RV and let our experienced sales staff help you find the perfect unit to catch that fish! Remember, it’s you and me and a Sierra RV.

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